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Tsuga is currently offing $2,000 community improvement grants to anyone with a good idea, the right intentions and a passion to improve the world around them. These nonprofit sector grants are a great way to support high school students looking for something they can write an essay about when applying for college – maybe even better for funding a college practicum project toward completing a degree program. Almost any community improvement project can become funded as long as it can be completed within six months and occur exclusively within the state of Oregon. The Tsuga Community Commission only asks that in return you provide us a basic project deliverable at the end – a summary paper written for school, a copy of your college admission essay or links to any news coverage highlighting your project. The application form is below and ready when you are. Prepare your thoughts, write them well and let us know how to follow up with you. With Tsuga, you too can be a Social Entreprenuer!

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