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Oregon Summer Star


Oregon Summer Star: On The Road


Our Innovative Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic




OSS On The Road is a unique plan that we believe will allow our community to come together with minimal safety risks. Instead of our state-wide community coming together for overnight camp, our staff will bring a “day of camp” to six different Oregon National Guard armories across the state. Our goal is to bring together military families who live in relative proximity to each other to strengthen bonds formed at camp and create new connections with those who haven’t experienced our programming before. 


Whether your children have been to Purple Camp for years or they were excited to go for the first time this year, we hope to see your family at one of the following locations this summer:



Each day will feature a condensed version of our week-long program from 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., complete with team-building activities, arts and crafts, games, reflection, and much more. We will also have a parent information session where you can learn more about our overnight program, register for OSS 2021 for a special-early price, and hear about supporting your children through the deployment cycle.  


We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has also put a strain on many family’s financial situations, so we are offering these day sessions on a “pay-what-you-can” basis. A suggested donation of $40 per child is appreciated to help us offset the costs of running the program, which will help keep fees low in 2021, but all military-connected youth are welcome to join us regardless of ability to pay.


Safety is our priority

While any activity includes some health risk due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, we believe we can bring our community together safely by following the Oregon Health Authority’s guidance for operating school-aged day camps. You can click to see our full Disease Management Plan – OSS 2020 and we have listed some of the most important aspects of the plan below. Please feel free to email us at with any questions or concerns.

  • Taking the temperature of anyone entering the facility at the start of each day using a no-touch forehead thermometer. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be prevented from entering the site
  • Ensure participants and staff wash their hands thoroughly before and after eating (lunch and snack), as well as after using the restroom or blowing their nose.
  • Participants and staff will either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer during transitions between each activity.
  • We will sanitize any touched surfaces or shared supplies immediately after use.   
  • If there are more than 10 participants, they will be split into groups of 10 or less and have a designated staff member to lead the group. All participants and their assigned staff will stay together for the entire day. During “all-camp” activities, such as “campfire,” each group will be at least 6 feet apart from other groups.  
  • Staff who interact with multiple groups will be required to wear face masks. Staff responsible for check-in and check-out will be wearing face masks.
  • Activities will be designed to promote physical distancing and minimize use of shared materials. 




Refunds for 2020 Overnight Camp

We know the biggest question for many of you is your refund for the fees paid for 2020 overnight programming. Regardless of how much you had paid, we offer you the following options:

  1. Donate all or part of your registration fee to OSS for future programming costs, such as scholarships for 2021 campers.
  2. Apply your registration fee toward camp in 2021, locking in the $300/camper price.
  3. Full or partial refund of your registration fee.
  4. Apply part of your fee to registration for Camp Two Roads 2020 Day Camp program (female participants only, see for details).

Please email us at to let us know what to do with your fees.

Safe and Fun:

Oregon Summer Star is our State’s most admired military-family support program.  It’s a low-cost week of summer camp that allows us to look inward, smile outward and have the best week of our summer together. Oregon Summer Star is not about promoting military service or endorsing any political policy.  It’s about preparing our youth with skills for a balanced life and about maintaining a healthy next generation of Oregon families. Our staff are well trained and recruited from other programs – they’re very good at what they do.  Many have been staff for military family support camps in Oregon with Tsuga for many years.  All of our staff are background checked and our nurse on site is credentialed.



“Oregon Summer Star has given our daughter more confidence, a drive to keep going when life gets rough and bumpy, never ending camp songs that are sung year around, joy, a sense of belonging.  She doesn’t feel like she is the only one who’s parent serves, or did serve, or in some cases didn’t make it home.  She has pride in what her dad did and what he goes through every day… I am thankful for the love and support she gets at camp.  To you and your staff, keep up the good work you do!”

– Christina Loy, 2016



A Place for Us:

Regardless of the site we use, the traditions and programming of Oregon Summer Star will always be found at camp.  Mornings will be filled with environmental education field studies on the lake, at the river, and in the forest.  Afternoon recreations include swimming, field games, hikes, arts and crafts, and more.  We’ll have the classic all-camp games like Capture the Flag and Counselor Hunt.  Oregon’s National Guard will be involved in a military theme day where campers can learn more about what their parents do when they’re away overseas.  Each evening brings a full campfire program and late night activities include a night hike, and an outdoor movie under the stars with popcorn (Youth camp) or an all-camp Dance (Teen camp).  We turn off the technology for a full week and exercise interpersonal skills.  Oregon Summer Star is fun, safe, and an important opportunity for young people to get to know themselves and the world around them.


Background Information:

Tsuga Community Commission is proud to have developed and integrated Oregon Summer Star, a camp for all of Oregon’s military-connected youth regardless of their family’s deployment / service status.  As Oregonians move into the next decade together, Oregon Summer Star is the custom camp for our youth and teens, to share experiences related to their parent’s military service, belong to a special statewide community and develop individual skills for life after camp.  If you supported a friend who had a parent deployed, thanks for your service too – Join us!

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