Financial Aid

We want to help you afford Camp!

We understand that the expense of summer camp may feel out of reach for some families especially due to the current pandemic situation. TSUGA is committed to ensuring that no camper will ever be denied admission to camp based on an inability to pay all or part of the fees. All campers are subsidized about one-half the cost of camp by yearly fundraising efforts by our Commission.

If you are concerned about the financial part of sending your child to camp, please consider the options below (and whether they are feasible given our current social distancing climate). 

Fundraising Options:

  • Sponsorship Letter: Thousands of youth have raised their own summer camp program fees by asking for donations from friends, families and businesses. This is so easy, and just takes a little of your time to write and send the letters. Start with family, friends, friends of friends and then move on to businesses. It’s as simple as sharing what a week at camp means to you. If you can, include some photos and let them know you when you are going and what you will be doing. You can try following up with a phone call to ask if they are interested. It is also very valuable to let them know you will report back to them on your experience and what their contribution allowed you to do, so be sure to send them a thank you note! You will be surprised at the results from just a few hours’ work, and think of the sense of pride your camper will have when they know they have EARNED their week of camp themselves.


  • Crowdsourcing: The internet opens up your fundraising network to far beyond your immediate contacts. Crowdsourcing websites are very common and VERY successful. Set up a profile on a crowdsourcing website such as– Invite all your friends and online network to support you by making donations online. Think of it like a personal blog, where you can list your fundraising goals, camp details, pictures, videos, etc. You can then send this to all your Facebook and email contacts and people can donate easily online! Other sites include and


  • Sponsorships: Many campers solicit financial aid from local charities and service organizations like the Lions Clubs, Rotary International, Kiwanis, Eagles, or Elks. Consider approaching your local Lions Club or other civic club to see if they can help. Find your local Lion’s Club here. We are happy to work with them. If you don’t know where to start, let us know and we can help. Please call or email our office. Find your Rotary Club here or your Kiwanis Club here.


  • Recycling for Cash: This is a great method ANYONE can use. Try friends, family, colleges, restaurants etc. produce THOUSANDS of recyclable materials every night that may just go to waste. Ask if you can collect them and turn them in for cash! Offices often have recycle bins that they actually pay a company to come and collect. Why not ask them to give you their cans and bottles? You can also ask offices to donate empty printer cartridges which recycle for up to $25 each. Some youth have reported collecting $800 in less than a week just from pro-active recycling! 


  • Other Fundraising Ideas: There are many opportunities to raise funds for camp; you just have to be open to putting in the time. Other traditional fundraising options could include:
    • Bake sale –Mmm…cookies
    • Car wash – Best if done on a warm day!
    • Baby-sitting- Who doesn’t love coloring and playing at the park?
    • Yard Sale – Great way to remove clutter from your life and get that spring cleaning done. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


Good Luck! Fundraising is not hard; it just takes time and dedication to the cause.

The amount of time and effort you put into your fundraising should reflect the amount of success.


Financial Assistance:

TSUGA provides several options for confidential assistance (or “Camperships”) for financial support to attend camp. Camperships are awarded as full or partial credit for camp fees.

  • Installment payments: You can pay your camper’s fee in installments—weekly, monthly, or in as many installments as you need. You can even set them up to recur automatically on dates you choose. The option to schedule installment payments of $50 on the 1st of each month appears on the registration form. To choose a different amount or date please email the camp directly. Oregon Summer Star
  • Camperships (scholarships): Tsuga Community Commission makes a limited number of  ‘Camperships’ available for those who need assistance. All families needing support are encouraged to apply. An online application may be accessed here: Financial Aid
    • Funding is limited so apply as early as possible.
    • Camperships are “pay-what-you-can” and are awarded on a sliding scale up to 100% of the total registration fee (excluding the deposit).
    • Only one scholarship will be awarded to an applicant during the same camping year. 
    • You will be notified by July 15th of your application’s status. 
    • Be sure to register for camp as well. Summer Star 



For anyone who would like to donate to the TSUGA Campership Fund – please contact for more information.