TSUGA Explained

Tsuga (/ˈsɡə/ from Japanese:  ツガ) is the Hemlock genus of conifers in the pine family (Pinaceae).  Because TCC programming typically includes environmental education, this seemed to be a fitting name for the organization.  Unlike the European hemlock shrub (Conium) associated with the death of Socrates, Tsuga Hemlock Trees are indeed not poisonous.  Of the eight species of Hemlock trees in the world, the four species occurring in North America grow native in Oregon.  If one of these varieties represents an official mascot, the Cascade Range Mountain Hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana) shall be it.  Tsuga Mertensiana is recognized by its rugged frame, purple colored cones, fulfillment at higher altitudes, and stability even with its roots exposed.

Those who grow with roots exposed know of belonging to common ground.

At Tsuga, we produce custom summer camp programming to serve unique youth communities in Oregon. We integrate community building and experiential learning into traditional overnight summer camps to produce responsive programs tailored to each community we serve.