The Commission

As any Community is served by an elected Planning Commission, so is Tsuga guided by an elected Board of Directors.  Partnerships, resource development and strategic planning are all functions of this group.  The Commission is loyal, passionate and talented.  They bear the greatest amount of organizational responsibility, do most of the heavy lifting but receive the least amount of recognition.  To those amazing people listed below…  Thank YOU!

To all the Campers wanting to be just like their Counselor when they grow up…

We’ve got even bigger plans for your college and adult years with the Tsuga Community. 

Please visit our page “Work at Camp” to learn more about becoming a member of the Tsuga team.

Colleen “Kumquat” Smyth, 2019 Commission President

Colleen has been involved with TCC for 10 years, serving as a counselor from 2009-2011, the media intern in 2012, and as a senior staff member since 2017. During the “off-season,” she works as a high school math teacher in Portland. Colleen is thrilled to be taking on this new role with TCC and looks forward to another amazing year of camp in 2019! Her goal for this year is to strengthen TCC’s community partnerships, especially with the Oregon military community. 


Current Commission Members:

  • Doug “Marshmallow” Sam, Secretary
  • Tyler “Stretch” Andrews, Treasurer
  • Erin “Salmonberry” McPherson, Fundraising Events Coordinator
  • Brandon “Current” Vaughn, Corporate & Donor Engagement Coordinator
  • Lauren “Scuttle” McGillivray, Military Liaison

Alumni Commission Members:

  • Alise Mosely – Small Business Networking (2014 – 2016)
  • Angela Walz – Outreach and Coordination with Military Families (2016)
  • Erin McPherson – Special Events (2012 – 2015)
  • Brian Stitt – Media Production (2012 – 2015)
  • Janna Marshall – Military Families Liaison (2014 – 2015)
  • Dan Miner, President – Military Community Coordination (2017)
  • Mark Ronning, Secretary – Organizational Strategies (2013 – 2017)
  • Auggie Ford, Treasurer – High Counsel / Commission Liaison (2010 – 2017)